Long story short I am a big pro wrestling fan and one of the top tag teams right now is called American Alpha. After first hearing their name my thoughts naturally turned to the ill fated Omega Flight series which had several Americans on its roster. Purely from a fantasy stand point what American born Marvel super hero ( I'm limiting it to one because it still should be Canadas team, any more than one would probably start to take away from the Canadian identity of the team.) would you be most wanting/willing to see in Alpha Flight? And this is the Byrne original Alpha Flight roster ( Mac, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Snowbird, Marrina, Puck, Shaman) plus Heather, Talisman, and Madison Jefferies said American would be joining. Also feel free to mention any Non-American foreigners you'd enjoy seeing fighting alongside Alpha Flight.

Personally,the one I would most enjoy seeing is Daredevil if solely so I could see him trapeezing the rooftops of a Canadian city while waxing poetically. plus it's about time Nelson and Murdock opened up a Toronto or Vancouver Branch!