I have no idea how many of you guys on here watch or at least aware of the online comic reviews show Atop the Fourth Wall tag line: where bad comics burn. Since 2007, Lewis Luvhaug aka Linkara has been starring, writing, and producing said show on a weekly basis where he humors, informs, and rages about some of the worst comics every made (plus some meh comics and a few awesome ones just to spice things up). Sadly (or perhaps happily depending on your view) no Alpha Flight issue has ever been reviewed on his show. In fact in the nine years he's being doing this, I can recall AF being mentioned exactly once, and that was in a joke he made regarding an issue where Spider-Man went to Winnipeg to fight electro ( spidey comments there are no superheroes in Canada, and Linkara quips : dude alpha flight just got dissed.) anyways he now has a patreon program and depending on the pricing for it, I was going to look into buying a review( purchaser gets to pick what comic he reviews, date of linkaras choosing) and selecting an alpha flight book/arc. And I was looking for suggestions. My personal thought is it should be an issue/arc where while their are bad things about it so he can make jokes, there should be enough good of the alpha we know and love on the off chance others watching his video get intrigued and decide to check out AF for themselves. So yeah, no volume 2 or 3 issues I think. The best I can think of right now is the world tour arc they did at the tail end of Lobdells run. It's got camp, bad artwork for all but the last issue, and said last issue actually has good plot good art and has all of the characters doing what they do best.