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    The topic of this thread is to shed light on issues that tend to be forgotten when we talk about good AF material. To start off, I want to put forth an issue, one of only two Sven Larsen wrote during volume 1, issue 109. Directly used as a transition from Lobdells terrible comedic writing and whoever drew the terrible artwork during his run to the decent yet somewhat underwhelming writing of Simon Furman and the really good artwork present, 109 tells a great one in done story of Alpha Flight and a Russian spetznaz team assaulting a missile silo facility taken over by the Hand. Every character was written well and in top form, the Hand provided a new enemy for Alpha yet a famillar one for marvel readers that you knew the mighty odds stacked against them. I particularly loved the banter between Heather and the Russian commander, which culminates in a great last line to end the story. To be honest, if Larsen kept writing the series after 109, I have a feeling I would have enjoyed it much more than Furmans run ( in ironies galore, one of my fav alpha issues was first flight.....which was cowritten by Lobdell and Furman.)
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