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Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel??
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    Has anyone seen the posts online about Ronda Rousey expressing major interest in playing the part for the movie? Many fans think she'd visually be a great look for the film but her acting ability isn't where it's needed in order to make the movie a success. She can really fight so action scenes would be great if they gave her a real chance.. unlike what happened in Fast and Furious 8. There's been other amazing actresses in the running for the film. Other actresses for the same part, maybe rumored, are: Katheryn Winnick and Natalie Dormer <3<3<3. I don't know anything about Captain Marvel so I don't know what she's really supposed to look like. BUT Natalie Dormer is an incredible actress and really cute.

    Has anyone heard/read news about who else is wanting to play such parts for the film? Which characters do you think will be in the film? Is it gonna be a continuation of whats currently going on in the comics? (Picture)

    If YOU were in the movie .. which role would/could you play? It doesn't have to be someone famous from the comics. You can even say security guard or a goon that gets beat up.

    I would LOVE to play Puck (Pictures showing why), but I'd probably be the bystander that gets thrown like a rag doll.

    Again, I apologize if there's any error stated about.. I really do NOT know anything about Captain Marvel.
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