I've just had a thought, because of something I read last night. We have a 'Possible Appearances' thread, but this is for mentions - the team gets mentioned in some context, but doesn't show up. Little things that probably aren't worth their own thread.
For example, in an issue of Byrne's run on She-Hulk (the second, I believe), she mentions the Walter / Wanda sitch.

Last night's was, of all places, in The New Teen Titans issue 37 (1987... Let's not get started on The New Teen Titans volumes; last time I tried that, a new spore of madness reigned, HQJOC came down and tore apart the land...)
On the letters page, somebody calling himself 'Postcard Man' from Grosse Pte said:
"And those wanting a gay hero: check out Northstar of Alpha Flight!". I don't know what it relates to; presumably letters I haven't read recently (or at all - I'm missing bunches of issues and didn't read them all together).

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