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CBC Canada features Alpha Flight online
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Thread: CBC Canada features Alpha Flight online

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    Default CBC Canada features Alpha Flight online

    Here's the link and image. Nice to see Alpha Flight included as a fun fact but really everyone in Canada already knows who they are:


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you an Alpha Flight Collector?


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    OH! I misread that. I thought it was CBC Canada features 'Alpha Flight online' (ie: us), not 'CBC Canada features Alpha Flight' online (ie: the team).

    That's cool. I still say they're more famous than Captain Canuck!
    I didn't know Supes had been a vego, nor did I know about 'Suprema'. Nor had I noticed how similar Northguard and Captain Canuck look - like the reverse versions of each other.

    'Awesome Possums'? I guess it's cute for the rhyme, and there's no real reason to expect a Canadian animal...

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