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You've still got Snowbird and Flashback
Flashback was only a member of the villain team Omega Flight?

Oh. Poop. I suppose that includes Beta Flight.

Ugh. Yeah I just realized that...

1. Snowbird pulls the team back together (Aurora is busy, Northstar is with the X-Men, Shaman is busy, Vindicator & Guardian are tending to their kids)
2. Andromeda. Formerly a member of the Defenders, Snowbird calls to the Atalnatians for help and Andromeda answers the call.
3. American Eagle in the area, gets involved in helping and joins this new version of Alpha Flight. (Essentially to become like Shaman)
4. Valkyrie Having worked with Hercules during Dark Reign, Snowbird makes connections to an assortment of deities - and in the process recruits Valkyrie to be a part of this new version of Alpha Flight.
5. Speed Demon still trying to make good of his life, has fled the US, and now living in Canada and joins Alpha Flight to try and make amends (and essentially get extradition exemption by becoming a government asset of Canada). He would have sketchy behavior and be the team's "Northstar" in many regards.

This makes my team pretty female heavy, which I actually like. And I can see American Eagle being the serious one. Speed Demon, meanwhile, would be hitting on all the women, as quick as he can run, to see if any of them "pay off."