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Ha...yeah. But we talking Alpha Flight, the one group Marvel seems to be scared to bring back. Just hope this time around with Ms. Marvel will be better.
Intended story lines aside (where, for example, they all died to fight the Great Beasts... but were restored within 2 or 3 issues...)

I don't know. Marvel has done a good job of bringing them back - SEVERAL times.
We saw Vindicator/James explode in issue 12.
Then, by the end of Volume 1 he was back.
We saw Sasquatch killed by Snowbird. Come back as a woman. Then back as a man, by the end of Volume 1.
We saw Guardian/Heather kill Snowbird.
Once again, she returned (which isn't too much of a stretch being a demi-goddess).
We saw Marinna killed in Avengers.
Alluded in a different volume of Avengers, as potentially alive in a tube by the Master.

Then we have the Collective who "killed" Alpha Flight (per Bendis, was it?)
Then had Sasquatch show up alive and fine.

Then after Chaos War, we got Vindicator, Shaman and Snowbird back. Again.