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Sasquatch, Guardian, Vindicator, Shaman, Major Mapleleaf II, and both Pucks are attacked by a new villain, the Collective (inhabiting the body of U.S. postal worker Michael Pointer), in New Avengers #16. Pointer continues on to the United States, leaving their bodies in the Yukon Territory.

Though writer Brian Michael Bendis heavily implied the deaths of the above-mentioned roster of Alpha Flight at the hands of the Collective, later writers backpedaled from this sweeping declaration.[citation needed] Sasquatch resurfaced alive and well, with only Shaman, Vindicator and Guardian officially being acknowledged as being dead; it is later confirmed that the original Puck died at the Collective's hands in the Chaos War special featuring the team.[citation needed]


When was this (declared that only Shaman, Vindicator and Guardian died?) And wouldn't that mean that Puck's daughter is alive and well?