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Your favorite moment - just ONE - for every Alpha Flight member!
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Thread: Your favorite moment - just ONE - for every Alpha Flight member!

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    Default Your favorite moment - just ONE - for every Alpha Flight member!

    Grabbed the following list (there's one or two in this list where I am like, "Who?")...

    At any rate - post your single favorite moment about the character. Doesn't even have to be in Alpha Flight. Could have been in a limited series (X-Men vs Alpha Flight, for example), could have been as a guest appears (Uncanny X-Men #121 for example), could have been in a Marvel Team Up or something... But for each character (you know), or have a single favorite moment that stands out - let's hear about it! And if you can't think of a favorite moment - let's hear WHAT about that character that you like!

    And if there's a few where you're not sure why they're listed - I grabbed the list from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Flight_members

    Beta Ray Bill
    Box (Madison Jeffries)
    Box (Roger Bochs)
    Diamond Lil
    Ghost Girl
    Guardian (Heather)
    Major Mapleleaf
    Puck II
    Purple Girl a.k.a. Persuasion
    Saint Elmo
    Sasquatch II
    Smart Alec
    U.S. Agent
    Vindicator (Mac)
    Weapon Omega (Michael Pointer)
    Wild Child
    Yukon Jack
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    You want us to pick one moment for EACH of those characters? I'd have to re-read the four series!!!

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    I'll play. I skipped a lot but here we go:
    Favorite moment:
    Aurora - when she takes off her bra in Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3 (and dons the new red costume)
    Box (Madison Jeffries) - the time he ripped apart a Sentinel with his mind and made a giant harpoon out of it which he used to stab and thus completely destroy another Sentinel. Awesome. Issue was Alpha Flight #43
    Guardian (Heather) - In issue #28 when she's the clear leader of Alpha Flight and just completely in charge. Then she takes a bath. Great scene.
    Marrina - when she eats the live goldfish at the party in Avengers #291
    Northstar - when he challenges the impromptu "court" in the opening of Alpha Flight #25
    Puck - when he kicks his evil doppleganger's butt in Uncanny X-Force #11
    Sasquatch - the wordless terraforming sequence in Alpha Flight #20
    Shaman - scrambled egg monster. You know the issue.
    Snowbird - the defeat of Herateq and Tiamaq in Marvel Heartbreakers #1

    OK those are the ones that popped into my head.
    Are you an Alpha Flight Collector?


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    I'll bite...

    This is all from memory. Sorry for the gaps.

    Arachne - I don't really consider her an Alphan, but I like the mystique of the spider-woman type.
    Auric - didn't really get a chance to shine (no pun intended) before death, but the fights with the Chinese government...
    Aurora - kissing Nightcrawler (Uncanny 121)
    Beta Ray Bill - like Arachne, but I do like his look.
    Box (Madison Jeffries) - Creating Roger/Rover and defeating Delphine.
    Box (Roger Bochs) - I like the idea of a physically active superhero in a wheelchair
    Centennial - I like the cool old man vibe
    Diamond Lil - killing Spider-Man. Sort of.
    Earthmover - The only true legacy character in Alpha Flight.
    Feedback - his electrical doubles are interesting.
    Flashback - We're doing villains, too? I loved the well-thought-out detail of him seeing his death, and knowing what it meant.
    Flex - v2? Gah! I did like seeing someone with Wolverine-style powers and a meek, nice personality.
    Flinch - v2? Gah!
    Ghost Girl - v2? Gah!
    Goblyn - I named my cat after her. I love the idea of her growing up on Liveworld.
    Groundhog - it's interesting to see a 'rough draft' of Guardian. Makes sense there'd be one.
    Guardian (Heather) - Chewing on her glasses in X-Alpha #1. It just is so iconic of her.
    Major Mapleleaf - I like his boyscout personality.
    Manbot - doesn't even have a personality. (also, v2? Gah!)
    Manikin - Verrrry cool and interesting power set; the past, past-er and future selves.
    Mar - cute kid.
    Marrina - fighting a Kymellian serpent.
    Murmur - v2? Gah!
    Nemesis - "Count upon the fingers of your hand the precious moments of your life, Earnest St Ives. Your days of death and terror are over. So speaks Nemesis!"
    Northstar - disrupting Guardian's forcefield with Aurora.
    Ouija - v2? Gah!
    Pathway - An autistic superhero. Cool!
    Puck - "I'd still like to pop him one!" (About Cody.)
    Puck II - Okay, maybe there are two legacy characters...
    Purple Girl a.k.a. Persuasion - Her fight with her undead father.
    Radius - v2? Gah! This guy's a bully who I can't stand.
    Saint Elmo - the time when Brian Blessed played him in the movie.
    Hey, it happened in my head!

    Sasquatch - Fighting the Champion and lasting longer than anyone who wasn't the star of the book.
    Sasquatch II - v2? Gah! Also, I kind of like the idea of a wild sasquatch being out there.
    But, v2? Gah!

    Shaman - freezing every flying thing for miles.
    Shroud - When was he ever with Alpha Flight? Sure, he was connected to Arachne, but... Also, starting "Steven King's Avengers" (as Night Shift have been called. Also the name of an SK anthology.)
    Silver - see the other one's entry (I can't remember which of Silver and Auric is the boy and which the girl).
    Smart Alec - looking into Shaman's medicine bag.
    Snowbird - her famous fight with Kolomaq, #6.
    Stitch - I just like her; a young, innocent emo. Before emos were cool.
    (emos were never cool.)

    Talisman - Distracting Calibre with a fake light-show.
    U.S. Agent - another non-Alphan... I can't bring Omega Flight to mind in any detail right now, and I don't think I've got any other of his appearances.
    Vindicator (Mac) - probably his original death.
    Weapon Omega (Michael Pointer) - At least he's not as bad as v2. For caring about all the destruction he caused.
    And delivering letters on time.

    Wild Child - that he looks freakish, but in a real world way; that he's a basic Wolverine power-set, and yet quite erudite.
    Windshear - Creating hard-air art.
    Witchfire - Her look and her powers are cool. I've always liked magic types.
    Wolverine - Hmm... I guess he's an Alphan. ... from the X-Men movie: Cyke: "How do we know it's really you?" Wolvie: "You're a dick." Cyke: "Okay."
    Wyre - having remote-controlled wire hairs is an interesting power. It also fascinates me the obsession with metal string at the time - Wyre, Cable, Chord... any others?
    Yukon Jack - Being fooled his whole life. He deserved it.

    *Puff puff pant pant*
    That was hard.

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    Wow feedback. I completly forgot about that character. Crazy. Now I have to reread his issues.

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    They'll be a quick read!

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    P.S. I also like all of Rob's choices from the main series.

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    Default Plus 2 unofficial Alphans IMO: Agent K and Agent Brown

    This is my short, biased list:

    Agent Brown (Scott Kolins rendition): Omega Flight # 1 Michael Avon Oeming, author "Just this morning, Talisman arrested some fool trying to steal her father's medicine bag."

    Aurora & Northstar: X-Men Annual # 1 "Covenant" Mike Carey, author/Mark Brooks, artist (particularly the flashback/rememory scene)

    Aurora: Chaos War/Alpha Flight -Jim McCann, author "You see, Jean-Paul? This is where we belong! Living and fighting alongside our friends, not among the X-Men."
    Northstar: Chaos War/Alpha Flight - Jim McCann, author "I'd say the chances of dying on either team are about equal."

    Shaman/Michael: AF (vol. 1) # 5 "Deathwatch" and AF (vol.1) # 6 "The Old Ways" [makes one story, to me]

    Walter/Sasquatch: Marvel-Two-in-One # 83 - Tom DeFalco, author "Ah, the forest primeval! So beautiful, so peaceful--so utterly boring!"

    Snowbird/Narya: Incredible Hercules # 117 (confrontation with Pointer)

    Talisman/Elizabeth: AF # 25 (recap/flashback during fight with Caliber)

    Judd/Puck: somebody beat me to AF # 13, so X-Men Unlimited # 12 (2006) "Pain is necessary, suffering is optional"

    James Hudson/Guardian: Marvel Adventures Iron Man # 11 ("Northern Lights") Fred Van Lente, author "Don't mind them. We chose the remotest part of Canada for our training exercises so no one could hear us bicker." Honorable mention - X-Men # 109

    Marrina and Heather: AF (vol. 1) # 1

    Agent K: Machine Man # 18
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