I was just reading that the Blackwater Mercenaries who murdered Iraqi civilians have been been sentenced, which was a pleasant surprise... Anyhow, in the comments section there were other 'contractors' supporting the actions of the Blackwater contractors, and insulting the military. Really got me thinking that would be a great angle for a modern capes in war type book, having villains hired by corrupt governments as mercenaries, protected and legitimized as long as they carry out orders. I could see the heroes getting involved to stop the mercenaries but being labeled the villains because they are defying the governments who hired the 'contractors'. Could be pretty juicy material.

At one point under Bush, two American contractors of the industrial sort were thrown in Guantanamo after they tried to report fellow contractors to the government for selling arms to our own enemies. There's some really dirty dealings that go on with how my government uses 'contractors' in war.