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Thread: Recommended Reading?

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    Default Recommended Reading?

    What comics are you reading (that are not Alpha Flight related), that you enjoy and why do you enjoy them?

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    Rat Queens - fantasy roleplaying at its hilarious bestest!

    Captain Midnight - fish out of water, time traveling, 1940's super intelligent inventor and war hero gets sucked into modern times.
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    Seconding Rat Queens, so much fun.

    IDW's Ghostbusters ongoing, ending this month, was absolute gold from start to finish. First tie-in/adaptation/whatever to ever capture the feel of the film, and that's counting Ghostbusters II.

    The Wicked + The Divine just started, but I'm digging it so far, though I think most of my enjoyment comes from dissecting each issue with my friends after the fact. Gods as pop icons!

    Afterlife with Archie: The best horror book to be published in years, full stop. Yes, really. YES. REALLY. ARCHIE. Moody and gorgeous and scary as hell.

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    I really couldn't get into the first issue of Rat Queens. I may give it a go further down the line.

    I've recently cut my pull-list down massively, mostly relying on MCU for my Marvel Fix.

    It currently stands as:

    • Amazing X-Men - For Northstar
    • Avengers and X-Men: Axis - I do actually enjoy a good Marvel Event. None of the crossovers though
    • Gotham by Midnight - Ben Templesmith art <3
    • POP - The concept really intrigues me, plus art by Alpha-fan and all round good guy Jason Copland
    • Prophet - Classic old skool heavy metal style pulp science fiction, this surprised me a lot considering I wanted nothing to do with something based on Liefeld era image.
    • Saga - I absolutely adore everything about this
    • Squidder - Again, Ben Templesmith art
    • Uncanny Avengers - I quite enjoy the combination of Avengers & X-Men, plus the continued plot-threads from Uncanny X-Force(I)
    • The Wicked + The Divine - Anything by Gillen + McKelvie together is an absolute must for me. Such a great team. I love the pop references and McKelvie's artwork is stunning. I love his sense of design.
    • Zero - I enjoy the fact that every issue has a different artist, plus the graphic design on the covers is great.
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    Figment; a nice new Disney story; a scientist unlocks a door with the key of the imagination.
    Avatar: The Last Airbender: ongoing series, based on the cartoon. Really captures the feel well.
    Hinterkind: A bit dark and nasty, (so those of you who enjoy that will probably like it!), but still a good idea. The modern world after the fairy-tale apocalypse.
    Nova: Just a really enjoyable series; the main run has been good, even the crossovers. (I'm not counting 'specials' here.)
    Amazing X-Men and Nightcrawler; I don't want to be reading X-Men, I really don't, but these have been fun! (Okay, they're getting a little away from the 'not Alpha-related' category, but that's not why I buy them.)

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