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Jim Lee's debut? That's pretty cool. And, you mean, it gets worse? I do like some of Mantlo's stuff - The Micronauts is one of my all time favorite comics, Rom was very good, and I enjoyed his Hulk stuff too, but Mantlo and Alpha Flight do not mix.

As noted by Le Mess, I believe it's his first Marvel debut. Not sure if he ever did work elsewhere (not that there was much work to be done, as a comic book artist back then - it was essentially either Marvel or DC, and maybe a small company or two!)

And Bill _is_ a good writer. I have said it before. I enjoyed his ROM and his Micronauts (though both got kind of weird near the end), and I believe Bill is responsible for Cloak and Dagger? Or am I wrong?

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(The following is a vague and incomplete outline of v1, but may be considered spoilery, or telling you what to feel.)

What Tawmis described above is the path most Alfans go through:
"This is great! I love this!"
"What? What have you done to my characters? This is awful!"
(Jim Lee pencils Mantlo's writing) :
Great artwork! If only the writing was good again.
It's good again!
(John Calimee pencils Hudnall's writing) :
This is awful. Where have all the artists gone?
(Llan the Sorcerer storyline) :
Get on with it!
It's ... it's like you were inside my head...