• James Tynion Tells An Amazing Story At Newsarama

    James Tynion, writer of Amazing X-Men #13 talks about the upcoming issue over at Newsarama along with some exclusive preview pages featuring Northstar:

    Highlights include:

    Nrama: You’ve also got longtime X-Man Northstar in this, who has been a mentor of sorts for Anole from time to time. What’s Northstar doing here?
    Tynion: He will definitely be mentoring Anole here. That being said, Northstar is a really interesting character, and he’s kind of a dick. [laughs]

    He’s very standoff-ish, and full of himself… but he does care about the people around him. He’s not always the nicest person, but he cares. I always like that about him, as it somehow makes him more relatable in the fact that he doesn’t necessarily seem like a fun guy to grab a drink with. That being said, he’s still this guy who stands up and does what’s right.
    For the full story visit Newsarama.
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