• Deadpool #34 Solicitation *UPDATED*

    Marvel have released their full Solicitations for September 2014 including Deadpool #34 which does indeed guest-star Alpha Flight, as well as the previously mentioned Amazing X-Men #11:

    DEADPOOL #34
    Cover by MARK BROOKS
    • Flashback to the 90’s as we learn the darkest secret of Deadpool’s past!
    • See the events Deadpool’s friends learned about it Original Sin FIRST HAND!
    • Guest-Starring 90’s Sabretooth, 90’s Alpha Flight, and 90’s artwork!
    40 PGS./Parental Advisory …$4.99

    FOC 8/4/2014, On-Sale 9/10/14


    1:52 Variant Cover:-

    Preview from the issue:

    **UPDATE Now with colored art ***

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    1. Mokole's Avatar
      Mokole -
      It is so hard, stepping in time and then having to get it off your shoe before anyone notices.
    1. maniac mike's Avatar
      maniac mike -
      Looks very Mark Pacella from AF #106!
    1. rplass's Avatar
      rplass -
      A page from this issue, not the one shown in the article but the page after that page, made it into the Deadpool coloring book which came out today: http://www.newsarama.com/25294-deadp...om-marvel.html

      Also in the coloring book is the amazing wraparound cover to the wedding issue #27, but oddly because of the aspect ratio of the printed coloring page, the top part of the image was cut off and you can't see all of Alpha Flight - just Puck who is lower down on the image, and parts of Aurora and Northstar.

      I'm probably going to color this book. It's $9.99 and only $7.99 at Target. I'll just color the Alpha Flight characters and leave the rest of it uncolored.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Quote Originally Posted by rplass View Post
      I'll just color the Alpha Flight characters and leave the rest of it uncolored.
      I like it!