• Sales Figures For July 2013 Titles

    ICV2 have published the estimated sales figures for the month of July 2013
    of Comic sales via Diamond to the North American Direct Market, which includes the placement of Uncanny X-Force (which double shipped in July) & Astonishing X-Men, both starring former Alpha Flight characters:

    Uncanny X-Force:

    59 28.61 UNCANNY X-FORCE #8 $3.99 MAR 37,781
    61 28.00 UNCANNY X-FORCE #9 $3.99 MAR 36,978
    Issue #8 drops around 2,500 copies, following on the trend from previous months, with #9 dropping around 1,000 showing signs of stabilization.

    Previous months:

    #7: 40,380
    #6: 42,496

    #5: 45,674

    #4: 47,727
    #3: 51,721

    #2: 56,713
    #1: 86,817

    It's also worth noting the placement of the TPB of the first 6 issues:

    32 1.75 UNCANNY X-FORCE TP VOL 01 LET IT BLEED NOW $17.99 MAR 2,313
    Astonishing X-Men:

    Astonishing X-Men has now been confirmed as cancelled, as of October's #68, which is understandable given the continuing loss of 1,000 sales per issue.
    We know that Northstar is moving across to Amazing X-Men as of November and there's still talk of a reboot for Astonishing, although chances are without Northstar in it.

    108 17.15 ASTONISHING X-MEN #64 $3.99 MAR 22,649

    #63: 23,326
    #62: 24,121
    #61: 27,090
    #60: 27,683
    #59: 24,195
    #58: 25,159

    Note: Puck did not appear in Uncanny X-Force #8 (and only briefly in #9), Northstar did not appear in Astonishing X-Men #64.
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    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -

      Phil, how come Astonishing drops 1000 issues per month and it is cancelled, and Uncanny drops 1000 issues in a month and is "stabilizing"? If Uncanny continues dropping in sales, it could, in time, drop to just as low numbers as Astonishing; and I disagree (respectfully) that a comic that continues to drop and has not yet (a) stopped dropping, or (b) gained, has indeed stabilized - seems a wee bit premature to say that, yet.
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      Because if the drop from #7 to 8 is 2,500 and then the drop from 8 to 9 is only 1,000 that means that the drop is slowing and the title is showing signs of stabilizing at a level for an established/not-new title. Emphasis on signs of. Not stabilized.

      Astonishing has stabilized with a regular drop of 1,000 per issue.

      Uncanny could well continue to drop to 20,000 sales a month like Astonishing and then it will indeed be cancelled and rightfully so.
    1. Flightpath07's Avatar
      Flightpath07 -
      Sorry Phil, wasn't meaning to quibble. I understand a slowing drop; I just don't think, in general, that one month of slowing drop is enough time to predict any sort of trend, that's all. For many reasons, as an example, issue 9 could have had a writer/artist/guest star/plot point that would have caused less people to flee the title (or, non-conversely, more people to buy it), while issue 10 could see the free-fall continue. However, i do appreciate your pointing out of an emphasis on "signs of", as that helps ease this a bit in my flurried mind.