• Northstar & Aurora Marvel Universe Figures Shown At SDCC *UPDATE*

    Marvelous News have published some photos taken from SDCC 2013 of the newest announced Marvel Universe figure range that include Northstar & Aurora:

    The price on the display card indicate that they will be released seperately rather than a two pack, but this isn't confirmed yet.
    Either way they mark the third/fourth Alphans in the line after Puck & Guardian.

    With thanks to Marvelous News.


    The packing shot seems to imply that the two figures are interchangeable in one packaging:

    Mike Deodato has published the full artwork for the packaging on his tumblr:

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    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      They're trying to hold each other's hands right now. (It's obvious Aurora is designed to hold hands with Northstar, but not the other way around. Ah, Jean-Paul - always going your own way!)

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      Mekko Hotvle -