• Uncanny X-Force #6 & 7, Astonishing X-Men #63 Sales Figures

    ICV2 have published the estimated sales figures for the month of June 2013, for Comic sales via Diamond to the North American Direct Market, which includes the placement of Uncanny X-Force which double shipped in June & Astonishing X-Men:

    Uncanny X-Force

    47 29.91 UNCANNY X-FORCE #6 $3.99 MAR 42,496
    51 28.42 UNCANNY X-FORCE #7 $3.99 MAR 40,380

    So, #6 was the last issue to include a Variant cover (the Wolverine Through The Ages Variant) and there's another drop of around 2,000 copies between each issue as the title slips below some of the other Marvel NOW titles it was previously ahead of; possibly due to the ever changing art roster or just the title failing to find it's audience.

    Previous months:

    #5: 45,674
    #4: 47,727

    #3: 51,721

    #2: 56,713
    #1: 86,817

    Astonishing X-Men

    Astonishing X-Men continues to slide fuelling the fire of a reboot rumour, albeit it not at as quick a rate as previously:

    [table] [TR] [TD]97[/TD] [TD]16.42[/TD] [TD]ASTONISHING X-MEN #63[/TD] [TD]$3.99[/TD] [TD]MAR[/TD] [TD] 23,326[/TD] [/TR] [/table]
    #62 24,121
    #61 27,090
    #60 27,683
    #59 24,195
    #58 25,159

    Note: Puck did not appear in Uncanny X-Force #7, Northstar did not appear in Astonishing X-Men #62-63.