• An Alpha Hint Of Sorts...?

    In this weeks Axel-In-Charge column at Comic Book Resources, Marvel's Editor In Chief is asked a question about the future of Alpha Flight and gives an answer that might not be as simple as it initially looks...
    ...(but probably is)

    Taral-DLOS says, "With Puck in Uncanny X-Force, Northstar in Astonishing X-Men, and Omega Flight featuring in Avengers #10, I'm hoping for a revival of Alpha Flight. I'm hoping for a Marvel NOW (phase 2) Alpha Flight series, and for you to continue putting 1983 Alpha Flight books on the Marvel/Comixology app (the first 8 issues are there; but please more!) So my question is: will Alpha Flight be coming back in 2013/14?"

    Alonso: No immediate plans for a new "Alpha Flight" series, Taral-DLOS…at least in its last incarnation.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Legerd View Post
      I wouldn't say it was without a sweat...
      If only you could get the message out to all the complaining fans Phil was talking about.

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      But, for the record, I like that AF was able to do better than the Avengers for a change. It makes up for all the times that AF has barely been able to handle villains that street level Avengers are shown to be fully capable of soundly thrashing. For once the fans of other heroes were the ones to have to suck it up, and deal.
      There aren't enough 'e's in agree for how much I agree with this.

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