• Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Shaman Cover Revealed

    Over at the blog for The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, they've released the final image for the cover to their Shaman edition of the partwork. This issue marks the first Alphan in the collection to have original cover artwork, in this case by artist Andie Tong.

    Unfortunately with the news of the cancellation of the series it also marks the last we'll see, rounding out the team of Guardian, Sasquatch & Puck, Snowbird and Northstar & Aurora.

    The Shaman edition is #187 of the collection and is due in the UK on August 31st, with the rest of the world to follow shortly after.
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      Flightpath07 -
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      Le Messor -
      Is this the Eaglemoss collection?

      'The rest of the world to follow'... I've never seen any of them anywhere.

      - Le Messor
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      rplass -
      Ah!! I looked directly into the mystic pouch! oh noes

      Yes, Le Messor, that's Eaglemoss.

      Looks like Shaman is summoning some kind of mystic bear - perphaps it's an image drawn to represent a moment right before the bear coalesces from out of the bag.
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      -K-M- -
      Is it me or is there more AF merchandise now then there has been in years? Good advertising for the characters.
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      Phil -
      This (finally) came out in the UK today! Should be out in the US next month.
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      Le Messor -
      Yay! Then I'll be able to...
      ... wait.

      Enjoy all you in England and the US!

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      So, the score at the moment is:
      Sasquatch & Puck
      Northstar & Aurora


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      Phil -
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      Good to know, thanks.