• 2011's Top 500 Comics at CBR

    Comic Book Resources have published a list of the Top 500 Comics of 2011 sold through Diamond Distributors, which included the placement of Alpha Flight (Volume 4) #1:

    [table] [TR] [TD]375[/TD] [TD]539[/TD] [TD="align: left"]ALPHA FLIGHT #1 FEAR[/TD] [TD="align: right"]$3.99[/TD] [TD="align: left"]MAR[/TD] [/TR] [/table]

    #375 isn't too bad for a maxi-series that got cancelled.

    The tie in to Fear Itself along with the Variant cover and the Retailer incentive orders helped this position a lot, and actually attribuited to the series' ongoing promotion and then demotion; the rest of the series unfortunately failed to live up to #1's numbers.