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AlphaFlight.net - Who will betray Alpha Flight durng Fear Itself?
  • Who Will Betray Alpha Flight?

    ALPHA FLIGHT #1 (of 8 ) (APR110547)
    Written by GREG PAK & FRED VAN LENTE
    Penciled by DALE EAGLESHAM
    Cover by PHIL JIMENEZ
    Rated T+ $3.99
    FOC 5/23/11. On Sale 6/15/11


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    1. DelBubs's Avatar
      DelBubs -
      Well I can take that pic off my hard drive. Your RSS indicator must be working overtime
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      I'm lucky enough to be in a job that requires constant net access and I'm not happy unless I'm multitasking

      The Aurora slapping Northstar panel is a shocker!

      And Uh-oh @ Mac's cybernetic suit... we've seen how that ends....
    1. DelBubs's Avatar
      DelBubs -
      In that image Aurora is traditional, as when she first appeared. The cover to #3 shows the second version after Walt did his technical doohickey stuff. Wasn't one of her reasons for doing that to distance herself from Northstar ?
    1. Phil's Avatar
      Phil -
      I think that's just the way Jimenez likes drawing her as she's like that on the covers of #0.1-3 but original costume inside what we've seen of #0.1-2 so far.
    1. DelBubs's Avatar
      DelBubs -
      The most telling images there are the one of Mac and Aurora smacking Northstar. Maybe the legend should read 'And One Shall Surely Betray'
    1. rplass's Avatar
      rplass -
      This kind of sort of reminds me of the two famous full-page ads:

      "And one shall surely die"

      "Guardian is dead. Who will lead them?"

      Except the team is shown in montage instead of all standing in a row. Still, it's similar.
    1. suzene's Avatar
      suzene -
      Darnit, JM, stop hitting your brother! Seriously, girl, you are way past your allowance.
    1. bigbloo's Avatar
      bigbloo -
      I have to admit that from an artist's perspective, the gold costume IS more interesting to draw. Plus you get to do that cool asymmetric hair.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Quote Originally Posted by bigbloo View Post
      Plus you get to do that cool asymmetric hair.
      It's got that 20s / 40s vibe Byrne seemed to be fond of (see also Gilded Lily). Didn't he once say that WWII was his favourite period in history?

      - Le Messor
      "Every story has three sides to it - yours, mine and the facts."
      ~ Foster Meharny Russell