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AlphaFlight.net - Mighty Marvel Podcast #107: Alpha Flight
  • Mighty Marvel Podcast #107: Alpha Flight

    Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente talk Alpha Flight Volume 4


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    1. Mokole's Avatar
      Mokole -
      I think that might make Vindicator the traitor. "Join us, or never see your daughter again." Most writers would make the mother give in.
    1. rplass's Avatar
      rplass -
      Why, because fathers don't love their kids as much as mothers do? You've got Mother's Day on the brain, my friend. Both dads and moms are equally as protective of their kids. Please don't portray fathers as distant, uncaring beasts who let their kids get taken away without much fuss. Don't get me started up again with this please.
    1. DaVeO's Avatar
      DaVeO -
      Sounds like perhaps more then one will switch sides. That's the feeling I got from the podcast.
    1. suzene's Avatar
      suzene -
      Quote Originally Posted by Le Messor View Post
      Persuasion doesn't have an Alphan parent...?
      No, but she was just 13 when she started hanging out with the spandex crowd. Close enough to count.
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      Quote Originally Posted by rplass View Post
      To be fair, Mokole was talking about portrayals, not reality.
      And that's all I have to say about that.

      Quote Originally Posted by Ahab View Post
      His kid was genetically engineered in an issue of Death Metal, I believe. Or maybe Death's Head? No mention of the child has been made since.
      Ah, okay. There's two of those issues I've never been able to track down (and I was looking for them at the time of publication).
      The appearances were in Death Metal and Death Metal Vs. Genetix 1 & 2 (each, I believe) and I only have 2 & 1 respectively.

      Quote Originally Posted by bigbloo View Post
      I always pronounced it Ma-ree-na. But I guess making it sound like "Mariner" makes a bit of sense. Though I bet there is a bit of confusion when they were introduced as a couple. "And now ladies and gentlemen, The Sub-mariner and Marrina..."
      I pronounce it like a place to store a boat. Muh-rinn-a. (Kinda.)
      But it's not something I'm good at.

      - Le Messor
      "Show respect for age. Drink good Scotch for a change."
    1. Le Messor's Avatar
      Le Messor -
      They're saying that some of the team sides with the government... we've been assuming just one.

      I've been using their pronunciation of Shaman for a while; I heard it somewhere once, and thought it was the correct one.

      Their talk of the custody battle (and earlier the talk of their marriage being sweet) does back up the idea that it's with the government, not each other.

      They also talk about how great character-driven stories are, and how they matter so much. I really appreciate that, and it ramps up my excitement for the series.

      "go and make yours Marvel... get Alpha Flight first"?!?
      If they mean the current series, that'd be easier if they hurry up and release it!
      If they mean the original series, I suggest they don't. 'coz after that, nothing will be any good, and you'll have a whole generation of disappointment as every other comic book sucks in comparison.

      Yes, I've only just now listened to the podcast. Deal with it.

      - Le Messor
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