• New Article In USA Today With Previews *Contains Spoilers!*

    In their second interview with USA Today Pak, Van Lente, Eaglesham, and (my new favouritist editor) Paniccia reveal some of the details that will unfold in the maxi-series, including the spoilers: who the hammer bearer is that attacks Canada, the name of the team that will hunt down Alpha Flight, and ... uh uh, you have to read the article if you want to find out more.

    And make sure you check out the preview pages with the article to get a taste of the Alpha Flighty goodness in store for us. You will not be disappointed!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Legerd View Post
      I'd love to hear what Byrne thinks about this, but more importantly Van Lente wants to know. Byrne must understand he'll be asked about his entire body of work, which includes AF, and the book wasn't mediocre when he worked on it. At least it wasn't received that way by the fans. But I see your point.
      To clarify, I don't think Byrne's AF was mediocre, it's just that Byrne has said more than once he doesn't think it was very good work.
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      Oh look, Attuma!
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      I love that Heather's costume is now a reverse of Mac's...Along with Northstar and Aurora, they makes for a nice synergy in the team costumes.
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      Very excited about this! Wheeee!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Flightpath07 View Post
      I second that. Should probably wait until the first couple of issues come out, see if he even glances at them or not. If not...no point in asking him!
      Somebody tried twice to post about Alpha Flight's resurrection and both threads were deleted, if that says anything.

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      Would I sound bad if I said I didn't give a care what Byrne's thinks of it? I respect what he did and I enjoyed his work on X-men, Alpha Flight and Fantastic Four. But since that time he's been a kind of person I really don't wish to hear his thoughts on about subjects. Sometimes capturing the spirit is better then having the real thing back.
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      Me thinks the dino is an albertosaurus... related to the t-rex. But I'll have to confer with my 8 year old first.

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      Quote Originally Posted by DIGGER View Post
      Me thinks the dino is an albertosaurus... related to the t-rex. But I'll have to confer with my 8 year old first.
      It's always good to get advice from an expert - and who knows more about dinosaurs than an 8-year-old?

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