• Alpha Flight Returns in Chaos War:Alpha Flight

    October sees Marvel's 'Chaos War' where Hercules creates an all new God-Squad to face the forces of the Chaos King.

    Alpha Flight fans were saddened when Snowbird appeared to not be included in the squad despite her being an integral part of the last one (during the Incredible Hercules: Sacred Invasion storyline), but now we know why!

    Spinning out of the events of November's Chaos War #3 comes the 'Chaos War:Alpha Flight' One Shot by Jim McCann and Reilly Brown.

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      Well I'm getting the main series along with this so I'll be sure to let you know if we have any Alpha appearances there.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Flightpath07 View Post
      How many successful companies are run this way? I can only think of one - the government.
      Wait... You think the government is successful?
      ... and a company?

      Quote Originally Posted by Legerd View Post
      hopefully McCann can dazzle not just us with his AF one-shot,
      'Dazzle'? Pun intended?
      Yeah, I was impressed with his Dazzler one-shot, and so at first was pleased to hear that he was writing the AF one-shot.
      Now, however, I'm still pleased to hear that he is writing the AF one-shot.
      What? Nothing's changed yet.

      DaVeO - thanks, I'll want that kind of filter. 'Coz I'm tired of events, and only get the AF appearances because they're AF appearances.

      - Le Messor
      "Government of the money, by the money, for the money..."
      - me
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      Of course governments are successful, Mik! They are extremely good at doing what they do - screwing over the people who elected them, and pocketed exhorbitant amounts of money.

      Much like Marvel....ah, I guess i really shouldn't go here...ne'ermind. For a time, i might as well be happy with Marvel - the near future will tell me whether or not to pick up my Marvel rants again. For now, I'll hold onto them...

      (That's Marvel "rants", not Marvel "pants". If I had Marvel pants, I'd wear them everywhere, all the time, obviously.)
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      Don't know if they have Marvel pants but they do have Marvel pyjama pants. I know 'cause I got some for Father's Day.

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      Quote Originally Posted by DIGGER View Post
      Don't know if they have Marvel pants but they do have Marvel pyjama pants. I know 'cause I got some for Father's Day.


      Post photos?

      (NO! Please don't, just kidding! lol)
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      Got them from Zellers. They have the Ditko versions of Spidey, Hulk, Cap and F.F. (images taken from the 60's comics).