• Summary - Alpha Flight v.2 #20

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    Volume 2 Issue 20Issue: Alpha Flight II: 20
    Date: Mar-99
    Story: Alpha: Omega, Part 3 (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Guardian, Vindicator II, Puck, Flex, Radius, Murmur, Manbot

    Regular Characters: Lilli, Gentry

    Guest Stars: Guardian, Northstar, Aurora, Sasquatch, Shaman; Snowbird (an illusion)

    Villains: Huxley, Weapon X

    Other Characters:Sewer workers including Randall

    Writer: Steve Seagle; Plot: Steve Seagle, Duncan Rouleau
    Pencils: Duncan Rouleau
    Inks: Jamie Mendoza, Candelario, Palmiotti, Perotta
    Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft
    Colors: LeAnn Denham
    Editor: Ruben Diaz
    Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

    Synopsis: Snowbird turns into a polar bear and attacks. Gentry shows no fear, realizing it's an illusion, a warning from Shaman.
    Volume 2 Issue 20 DetailThe team sees the Hellpounder, which is a disposal site: a deep-drilled hole with nuclear blasts. Weapon X has Huxley and wants him to detonate the bomb, to crack his suit open and infect the world. Huxley thinks his powerful intellect will be able to dominate the bacteria and rule the world.
    Aurora is channeling Weapon X. Macs are empathing each other. Manbot is sparking; Radius envelops him with his force field and smothers the fire. Old and new Alphas fight, despite misgivings. Mac and Mac finally call a cease-fire and get everyone to go after Weapon X. They fail to catch him, and then the Hellpounder's containment field goes up.
    Aurora explains that the human part of Weapon X took the bacteria from her and wants to destroy it in the nuclear blast. He jumps in the hole.
    Mac the younger gets Puck to trick Huxley into lowering the shield; he orders Shaman and Heather to retrieve Weapon X, and Flex and Manbot to defuse the bomb. Macs and Radius erect their own shielding, in case the bomb goes off.
    Manbot's system fails; the bomb is about to go off. Weapon X breaks free and holds the pin in the bomb, until it falls down the hole: a noble self-sacrifice in the end.
    Huxley escapes; Gentry assembles all the Alphas. He doesn't reveal which Mac is real, because they've both proven themselves. Puck and Heather are dating. Gentry holds a celebration.
    Note: this is the end of the series.