• Summary - Alpha Flight v.2 #16

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    Volume 2 Issue 16Issue: Alpha Flight II: 16
    Date: Nov-98
    Story: Redemption (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Guardian, Vindicator II, Puck, Flex, Radius, Murmur, Manbot

    Regular Characters: Gentry, his assistant Hames; Lilli (now Ghost Girl)
    Guest Stars: Modred (in flashback); Gerry (the Canadian Prime Minister) and his wife; Honey Lemon of Big Hero 6

    Villains: Dr. Huxley, the Brass Bishop (Bishop Benedicto de Vica Severtes), Dargil, Mephisto

    Other Characters: Beatr╠z

    Writer: Steve Seagle
    Pencils: Duncan Rouleau
    Inks: Rob Hunter, Aaron Sowd, Cabin Boy
    Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/AD
    Colors: LeAnn Denham
    Editor: Jaye Gardner
    Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

    Synopsis: Severtes was a bishop in Spain who fell in lust with Beatr╠z and traded his soul to Mephisto for her, not knowing she'd become a nun. He found a mystical suit of brass (sealed with Beatr╠z's blood, no less) that hides his soul until he can breach heaven's gate and trade her soul to save his. He needs the Solomon Seal to do it, and years ago Puck and a sorcerer named Modred prevented this.Volume 2 Issue 16 Detail
    Along the way, the bishop beheaded Mephisto's servant Dargil, who now he eats souls to make new servants for him.
    Radius recklessly attacks the bishop and gets a face full of Dargil, but Puck saves him. The Flight can't destroy the zombie townspeople, but Flex flexes his whole body to throw them back, and they enter the Tower, which is an Escher-like maze. Dargil attacks and zombifies Puck. Radius uses his forcefield to smash the bishop; Heather's Catholicism and Flex's forearm save her from Dargil.
    Puck leads the bishop to the seal; they approach heaven, and the Flight attacks them. Puck's soul, meanwhile, floats with others, whom he bands with to fight the bishop. Their combined strength allows him to return to his body; he uses the Seal on the bishop's armor, and his liberated soul is claimed by Mephisto.
    The Flight is returned to Canada; the zombies are freed; Honey Lemon of Big Hero 6 advertises the next issue.
    Murmur gives herself a new outfit; Lilli is now Ghost Girl, phasing through walls.