• Summary - Alpha Flight v.2 #13

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    Volume 2 Issue 13Issue: Alpha Flight II: 13
    Date: Aug-98
    Story: Floor 13 (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Guardian, Vindicator II, Puck, Flex, Radius, Murmur, Manbot

    Regular Characters: Sunfire

    Guest Stars: Northstar, Sasquatch (Walter Langoski)

    Villains: Dept. H personnel including epsilon soldiers, an Epsilon Black, Beta 3, Beta 4, Lambda 6, Dr. Huxley

    Other Characters: Basil Kilgrew (Beta 1), his wife, their son Gerard, Woodgod, Randy, Guidry, Sister Chloe

    Writer: Steve Seagle, Duncan Rouleau
    Pencils: Ashley Wood
    Inks: Ashley Wood
    Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft/AD
    Colors: LeAnn Denham
    Editor: Jaye Gardner
    Editor-in-Chief: Bob Harras

    Synopsis: Basil Kilgrew works in Dept. H's secret 13th floor, collecting genetic samples from subjects including Woodgod and the Flight. He is secretly working to expose the project, all the while being closely watched by his superiors.
    In Antarctica, the real Sasquatch finds Mac's frozen body, original age, and plans to revive him.
    The Flight worries about Murmur and plans to destroy Clarke's mind-altering machinery and to attend Sasquatch's funeral. Sunfire is fed up with Dept. H and takes off.
    A nun finds Northstar in his sister's classroom, alone. He may have hallucinated Aurora (last iss.).
    Beta 3 is arrested for treason; Kilgrew is worried about being discovered. He sends information anonymously to Puck and plans to leave the country. He is killed by the elevator, crashing on the way down.