• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #117

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 117
    Date: Feb-93
    Story: Extreme Prejudice Part 3 (24 pages)

    Feature Characters: Kyle, Heather, Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Judd, Walter, Windshear

    Regular Characters: Nemesis, Wyre, Gen. Jeremy Clarke

    Guest Stars: Garrison Kane (Weapon X); Canadian P.M. Brian Mulroney

    Villains: Rok, the Children of the Night

    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Wyre explains that he had helped make Kyle Wild Child, as well as other "killers without conscience." He has since reformed and decided to hunt down and all his "children." Kyle stalls for time.
    Judd has uncovered evidence that Walter was involved in Wild Child's early years. He and Heather force him to reveal that: someone had tampered with Kyle's brain stem, making the animal come out.
    Mulroney and staff discuss Alpha Flight and Weapon Omega's future, in light of the current media problems and Robert Hagon's Super Powers bill in Parliament.
    Alpha Flight finds a downed Rok, and Northstar speeds ahead to find Kane about to shoot both Wyre and Kyle. Nemesis helps him break Kane off. Alpha Flight is busy battling the Children, who, since they have spent their whole lives underground, are easily stunned by Jeanne-Marie's light.
    Kyle fights Wyre and argues that he is not just an animal, although his human DNA had been altered to try to make him one. He convinces Wyre to let go of his anger, and forgives him. Nemesis convinces Kane to just leave them alone.