• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #100

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 100
    Date: Sep-91
    Story: The Final Option Part 4: Decisions of Trust! (36 pages)

    Feature Characters: Heather, Mac, Walter, Lil, Judd, Jean-Paul, Windshear, Madison Jeffries

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Her (J'Ridia/Starduster); the Avengers: Vision, Sersi, Steve Rogers (Capt. America), Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), Hercules, Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Wendell Vaughn (Quasar); The Silver Surfer (flashback); The Fantastic Four: Reed and Sue Richards, Ben Grimm, Johnny Storm (flashbacks)

    Villains: The Consortium, Galactus, Nova

    Other Characters: Quwrlln

    Synopsis: Cap, She-Hulk, Widow, Walter, Lil, Judd, and Northstar, still in Toronto battling the Consortium, try to retreat to a Metro station. They steal a vessel to sneak aboard the mother ship. Judd and Widow commandeer the communications center and order the recall of the fleet. Cap and Northstar find the ship is powered by a miniaturized (and uninhabited) planet.
    Her, Windshear, Quasar, Heather, Hercules, Jeffries, Sersi, and Mac decide to stop Galactus from eating Quwrll. They quickly defeat Nova, and Galactus finds his powers don't work here. (The Quwrlln have chosen this dimension wisely.) The heroes topple him, but he retaliates with physical force. When he captures Heather, Mac reverts to human and attacks with fervor, toppling him, and he's in no shape to get up. He proposes a deal. They port Quwrll back to where it belongs, themselves to Toronto, and the Consortium's captured planet to this plane for Galactus to consume. But to energize this process, Mac has to sacrifice himself. He dies again.