• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #91

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 91
    Date: Dec-90
    Story: A Thirst for Power (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Judd, Jean-Paul, Lil, Mac, Madison Jeffries, Heather, Michael, Elizabeth, Jeanne-Marie, Laura, Kara, Walter, Windshear, Witchfire

    Regular Characters: Gen. (Jeremy) Clarke, Kerry Patrick (military and bureaucratic liaisons, resp.)

    Guest Stars: Canadian PM Brian Mulroney

    Villains: Dr. Victor von Doom, Kristoff impersonating Doom; the Latverian Liberation Front

    Other Characters: Darby and Susan (miscalled Sara) Dean; Ambassador Fyotr of Symkaria

    Synopsis: The team intercepts weapons smugglers from Doom's country. Before they can be interrogated, they self-immolate. Mac is behaving coldly mechanical, especially toward Heather.
    Doom is conducting trade talks (water for technology) with Canada and demands Alpha Flight as bodyguards.
    Elizabeth is recovering. Laura is comatose, and Heather announces her intention to have Alpha Flight adopt her. Walter and Patrick evaluate the erection of their new HQ, and their prospective new members.
    Doom is attacked by freedom fighters, Alpha Flight defeats them, and they self-destruct as before. Mac realizes Doom set the whole thing up, and he accuses him of being an impostor. He ports away, and the real Doom gives a cure for Latveria's water to the Symkarian ambassador while planning Kristoff's downfall.
    Clarke things Mac should lead the team, while Patrick supports Heather.