• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #83

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 83
    Date: Apr-90
    Story: Talisman (The Second) (24 pages)

    Feature Characters: Heather, Madison Jeffries, Walter, Lil, Michael, Kara, Elizabeth

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: the Tribe of the Moon: Firehand, Talks-To-Spirits, Willow-Dancer, Bear Brother, Nahita (Talisman)

    Villains: Llan the Sorcerer, various monsters including Lemurians

    Other Characters: Gen. Brian Winslow, Pako

    Synopsis: Winslow threatens Alpha Flight, and then he and his men become monsters. Michael has drugged Elizabeth, allowing her to send her soul back through time 10,000 years, to a previous life.
    Nahita is rained on by bones, has a vision of her future (our present), is frightened by pollution and saved from monsters by the Tribe of the Moon. Their shaman instructs her to become Talisman (just like iss. 19), and they fight many monsters. One night a comet causes a whole village to turn into monsters. It is the work of the Sorcerer, their true enemy. He wants to open the Gateway of Night, and trick man into polluting the earth with fossil fuels. The team battles Llan's monsters, while Talisman tricks him into assuming the form of his idol. She binds him in that form until the next cycle.
    Returning to the present, Elizabeth prepares to battle the Sorcerer alone, while Alpha Flight prepares to battle his monsters.