• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #79

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 79
    Date: mid Dec-89
    Story: Outsiders (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Heather, Elizabeth, Lil, Walter, Madison Jeffries

    Regular Characters: Gamma Flight: Nemesis, Auric, Silver, Wild Child, Witchfire

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Nekra, Mac Gargan (the Scorpion), Tinkerer, the Owl, the Asp, Llan the Sorcerer

    Other Characters: Fraser

    Synopsis: NOTE: This iss. is part of the Acts of Vengeance crossover.
    US pollution and villains cross the border to Canada. Elizabeth mystically knows that the Sorcerer is forming an army of super-villains, and she compels her teammates to stop them.
    In Winnipeg, Heather fights Nekra, and Lil, Scorpion. Gamma Flight is alerted and goes to arrest Alpha Flight.