• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #68

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 68
    Date: Mar-89
    Story: All That We Are... (25 pages)

    Feature Characters: Elizabeth, Walter/Wanda, Heather, Kara, Goblyn, Laura, Madison Jeffries, Michael, Snowbird

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: the Dreamqueen

    Other Characters: Larry, Arnold Wilcox, Ed Jones, Annie Turner

    Synopsis: NOTE: This iss. is The Wrath of the Dreamqueen part 2.
    Elizabeth calls Alpha Flight to warn them, and learns the Dreamqueen has already broken through to this world. She plants a spell in Walter's mind, hitchhikes to Edmonton, and sets up shop.
    Elizabeth gets to Ottawa, wakes the team, and decides to find her father, but he refuses to help. Elizabeth asks for the talisman back, and he removes it, but Walter snatches it out of his hand, jumps out of Boxship, and puts it on to battle Alpha Flight. Besting them, he runs off, but Snowbird appears and grants him what he really wants, his male body, and frees him of the Dreamqueen's control. Satisfied, he gives the talisman to Elizabeth.
    The Dreamqueen has taken over Edmonton, playing with people's minds and making them commit mayhem.