• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #60

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 60
    Date: Jul-88
    Story: War! What Is It Good For? (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Judd, Heather, Walter/Wanda, Madison Jeffries, Kara, Knapp, Laura and Goblyn; Mac, Marrina, Michael, Elizabeth, Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Snowbird, Roger (all flashbacks)

    Regular Characters: Dei Guan (the Jade Dragon)

    Guest Stars: Canadian P.M. Brian Mulroney, the High Lama

    Villains: Chinese troops, the Dreamqueen

    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: In Danwei, Alpha Flight battles Dreamqueen and the Jade Dragon has turned against his former comrades. The Soviet, US, and Canadian governments go on alert.
    Jeffries, observing the unassailable Buddhist priests, realizes that the dream warriors are not real. The High Lama also tells Judd this, and he goes through the dreams and attacks their queen directly. Laura realizes that since she could open a portal to Liveworld, she can also close it. She does, and traps Judd with the Dreamqueen, but not before she plants seeds of nightmares in the team (see iss. 67).
    The High Lama heals Heather and sends the team away. The Chinese government calls off the attack, to avoid World War III.