• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #48

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 48
    Date: Jul-87
    Story: Madness (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Jean-Paul, Jeanne-Marie, Heather, Madison Jeffries, Kara, Roger, Judd, Walter/Wanda

    Regular Characters: Dr. Whitman Knapp

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Dr. Lionel Jeffries (Scramble, later Omega, with Roger), the Derangers: Freakout, Janus, Breakdown, Goblyn (see iss. 53)

    Other Characters: Raymonde Belmonde (flashback)

    Synopsis: Roger's mind and legs are in advanced states of decay. The team fights about what to do with him, then decide to take him to Lionel. He turns out to be still insane, conducting experiments with the dead to create superior beings. He attacks his brother and Knapp, but Roger agrees to merge with him and create a superior villain, Omega, who can reshape his own body into any imaginable monster. Aurora stumbles across Lionel's first 5 attempts, kept in large glass jars. Omega attacks, and Heather gives orders to counter, killing if necessary. Omega captures and begins to absorb each member of the team, while Madison notices something happening to Knapp.