• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #22

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 22
    Date: May-85
    Story: Rub-Out (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Jeanne-Marie, Jean-Paul, Walter, Heather, Elizabeth, Mac

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars: Roger Bochs (Box), Madison Jeffries

    Villains: Pearl Gross (Pink Pearl), Bones

    Other Characters: Rhonda, Clementine D'Arbanville

    Synopsis: Jeanne-Marie, half-frozen, shows up at her brother's door. It seems she came out of her Aurora personality and fled from Walter, flying all the way to Quebec, which power had previously been Aurora's.
    Heather sees Mac in a crowd in Vancouver, alive.
    Northstar and Jeanne-Marie answer his old terrorist friend Clementine's request for help. It seems Pearl the fat lady wants to take over the circus. She attacks and subdues all three of them.
    Jeffries has perfected Bochs' Box, allowing him to physically fuse with the machine, but he cannot stay inside for long, or the fusion will become permanent.
    Pearl is using the circus to get close enough to bomb a meeting of the Prime Minister of Canada and the US President.
    Aurora (back in control and now able to glow) and Northstar attack, and Bones accidentally plunges a knife into Pearl, knocking her unconscious.
    Aurora threatens to tell Alpha Flight of Northstar's terrorist past. (He was a Separatiste, who wanted the independence of Quebec from the rest of Canada.)