• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #21

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 21
    Date: Apr-85
    Story: "Love Wrought New Alchemy..." (22 pages)

    Feature Characters: Walter, Jeanne-Marie

    Regular Characters:

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Lillian van Loont (Gilded Lily), Esteban Diablo

    Other Characters: LionelSynopsis: Gilded Lily tells her story: a hundred years ago in Transylvania, her husband was killed in a carriage accident, and she wandered to Diablo's castle. He nursed her back to health, revealed himself as a thousand year-old the alchemist, and became her lover until the local villagers rebelled, sealing him inside his lab. Lily escaped to England, researched alchemy until she learned to transform things to gold, and then got revenge on Diablo's attackers by marrying them and turning them to gold statues.

    Walter wakes and transforms to Sasquatch, which breaks him out of his coating of gold.
    Snowbird is attacked by her own gods, and does not know why.
    Walter attacks Lily just as she is about to dip Jeanne-Marie into liquid gold. Lily turns out to be mostly robot, and when Walter lifts her mask, she dissolves to powder, as does the house around them.