• Summary - Alpha Flight v.1 #6

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    Issue: Alpha Flight 6
    Date: Jan-84
    Story 1: Snowblind (16 pages)

    Feature Characters: Snowbird, Mac

    Regular Characters: Sgt. Douglas Thompson

    Guest Stars:

    Villains: Kolomaq

    Other Characters: Chief Inspector Hamilton; Ed Barrow, Thom

    Synopsis: Hamilton orders an investigation of Anne's absences and confines her meanwhile.
    Further north, an oil rig drills up the beast Kolomaq, embodiment of winter. Snowbird breaks out of her cell to confront him.
    Mac muses on Dept. H's dissolution, Alpha Flight's independence from the government, and his role as superhero. Returning home, he gets a surprising letter from Roxxon.
    Kolomaq recognizes Snowbird as the spirit of the Hodiak and the power of Nelvanna and fights her with snowblindness. She transforms to a bear, an owl, and a human and fights him, finally tricking him into causing an avalanche of rock, burying him beneath the tundra again.

    Story 2: The Old Ways (6 pages)

    Feature Characters: Michael

    Regular Characters: Michael's grandfather

    Guest Stars: Dr. Stephen Strange, the Ancient One


    Other Characters:

    Synopsis: Michael opens a bag containing his grandfather's skull and is confronted with his spirit, who begins teaching him to be a shaman. His final test is to take pine needles from an empty medicine bag, and when he passes, Dr. Strange and the Ancient One applaud from New York.