• Review - Exiles #87

    Writer: Tony Beddard
    Pencils: Paul Pelletier
    Inker: Rick Magyar
    Colours: Will Quintana
    Letters: Dave Sharpe
    Story: SuperGuardians part 1 of 2

    I suppose one of the joys of writing something like The Exiles is the freedom to really let your imagination run riot. No continuity or character is messed up as they are from different dimensions so the 616 isn't affected. This story starts of with what looks like the Silver Surfer battling with various members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. This Silver Surfer is powerful and what he does to Gladiator is worth the price of the book on it's own. The Exiles (with someone I assume is Morph starting out as Sasquatch for some unknown reason) watch as the Surfer kicks Imperial Butt and then launches a tirade at this dimensions Galactus, who looks a lot like an Incan God. It would seem that this Galactus actually restores world in this dimension and was preparing to restore a shattered earth, but has refused to restore Zenn'Lar. If you want to know why then I would suggest buying the book, it's well worth the money.

    Before The Surfer can do too much damage to Galactus, Galactus augments Blinks powers to banish the Surfer. While introductions are made and Galactus relates his story, the SuperGuardian (Gladiators Wife) Manta returns from fetching help. Upshot of all this is that the Exiles are co-opted into The Imperial Guard and invited to participate in the upcoming final battle against 'The Silver Surfer'.

    The Creative Stuff
    One of the things I have found consistently enjoyable about the Exiles in recent months is that as soon as I turn that cover I am immediately sucked into the story. Pacing for me is spot on. Nothing has jumped out from the page and stopped me from reading right through to the end. Everything comes together nicely and leads to a very enjoyable read.

    With Civil War jamming up the Marvel Universe at present, a little escape is needed just to break things up. You can't go far wrong with The Exiles. I'd recommend it to anyone. This issue doesn't let down what's gone before so I'm quite happy to give it a B+.
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