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    [TD]Issue: Nation X #3
    Writer: Chris Yost et al
    Artist: Karl Moline et al
    Date Published: April 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Box and Diamond Lil; Northstar cameo
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Current at time of publication.

    There are four separate stories in this issue. I will be reviewing one of them:
    Boxes: Following the events of X-Force #23, Madison thinks back over his life with Diamond Lil.

    I've listed the time period as current; it is, but it involves flashbacks over several months, since Utopia X, and even comments on their first meeting.[/TD]

    First, the other stories in this issue aren't bad. I'm only skipping them because of a distinct lack of Alpha Flight content.

    The artwork isn't my type. It does the job, but I like more detail and realism than this artwork contains; your results may vary. It's also flat in places ("Day 17" in particular).

    The image we open with is of Diamond Lil as Snow White; but there won't be a Prince Charming to save her. Not even a dwarf (Puck, where are you?).
    [/table] ...
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    Issue: X Men: The Asgardian Wars collection
    Writer: Chris Claremont
    Artist: Paul Smith (pt. one); Art Adams (pt. two); various inkers
    Date Published: Original stories: 1985; original trade (pictured above) : 1988; current hardcover: 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Whole team crossover.
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Between v1 #s 19 and 20.

    Scott Summers gets blinded by the light, and crashes his airplane. Rachel Summers gets somewhat slightly upset by this, and attacks Alpha Flight in mistaken retaliation.
    Snowbird, meanwhile, is getting very, very sick.
    Her supernatural senses and the crash lead them to the north where they find a world of wonders; a fantasy city of wealth and taste. Oh, and Scott is alive and well.
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    Issue: Over The Edge #2
    Writer: Mark Gruenwald
    Artist: Robert Brown
    Cover: Robert Brown
    Date Published: 12/??/1995

    The story begins with a wounded Devil-Slayer (Eric Simon Payne) struggling to find the sanctum of Dr.Strange for assistance. After a valiant rescue by Doctor Strange and Wong, they discover this silver dagger that was used to wound Devil-Slayer has an inscription of “Seven blades for seven sorcerers. By midnight they shall die” on it. Strange deduces this conspiracy was concocted by his rival Silver Dagger in attempt to tire

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    Issue(s): Astonishing Tales: Snowbird (Digital Comic) and Marvel Heart Breakers #1
    Writer: Karl Bollers
    Artist: Harvey Tolibao
    Cover: Harvey Tolibao (Digital Comic), Mike Del Mundo (Marvel Heartbreakers #1)
    Date Published: 11/18/2009 (Digital Comic), 02/03/2010 (Marvel Heartbreakers #1)

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