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    Uncanny X-Men #140
    Writer : Chris Claremont
    Plot & Pencils : John Byrne
    Inks : Terry Austin


    Story : When we last saw our intrepid heroes. Oh I'm getting ahead of myself. With the cliffhanger left at the end of Uncanny #139, you may have thought that we would have been straight into the action, nothing of the sort. We have some X-Men interaction first, Colossus with Angel and Storm with Kitty Pride. It's not until page 6 that we revisit our intrepid heroes and we find Nightcrawler trying to evade the Wendigo.

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    Issue: Crystar #11
    Writer: Jo Duffy
    Artist: Ricardo Villamonte
    Date Published: February 1985
    Alpha Appearance: Northstar
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Alpha Flight #s 5 & 6

    The final battle for the fate of Crystallium, the
    setting for this licensed title. Three Alphans get pulled into
    this world through a bizarre magical accident, to make sure good
    prevails, the planet is saved, and Kirk lives.


    Okay, I'm gonna move this issue back to before the JM / JP split. But I used to keep it between #s 16 and 17, so I'm reviewing it now.
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    Issue: Uncanny X-Men #528
    Writer: Matt Fraction
    Artist: Whilce Portacio
    Date Published: November 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Northstar
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: During several Alphans' tenure on Utopia Island (I keep this one with X-Men).

    Hope continues her search for the Five. Two have been revealed, but who is the missing Cylon?
    Um... I mean, mutant.


    The Uncanny X-Men was a great series, once. I remember when it was mostly about characters, about people and thier struggles. I feel like it's been a long time since they've been anything more than one battle after another.
    This one (and the one before) gets back to that, a bit.
    I'm glad about that.
    by Published on 11-01-2010 01:58 PM  Number of Views: 1296 
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    Issue: Wolverine: Origin of an X-Man
    Writer: Fred Van Lente
    Artist: Gurihiru
    Date Published: May 2009
    Alpha Appearance: Mac, Maddison Jeffries
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: I keep this one second in my Alpha collection, after Alpha Flight #-1 and before Wolverine #-1.

    A free comic book day special, giving an early early Wolverine story.
    Something has turned a Canadian town into machines; Mac takes Wolverine to the town to figure out what's going on.

    This is okay. It's not the best story, not the worst. There's a mystery set up, solvable if you know your Marvel history.
    The overrrun town feels not unlike a zombie movie, which adds to the whole thing; a deserted place where everyone you see is not quite themselves; though they at first seem to be dead dead, not walking dead.
    (It's not really a spoiler to say they're only mostly dead.)
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    Issue: What The --?! #6
    Writer: various
    Artist: various
    Date Published: January 1989
    Alpha Appearance: Shaman, Sasquatch, and Vindicator (insert funny versions of their names here) - cover only
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: irrelevant; parody

    An old Marvel humour anthology:
    A take on Acts Of Vengeance, with very unsual villains facing Marvel characters - namely, DC villains.
    The Origin of The Pulveriser: Exactly what it says on the tin.
    Man-Thang vs. Swamp Thang: who made who? Who's back in black? Who shook me all night long?
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    Issue: Doctor Voodoo #s 4 & 5
    Writer: Rick Remender
    Artist: Jefte Palo & Alessandro Vitti
    Date Published: March & April 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Talisman's cleavage
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Current at time of publication

    The Unreal has taken over the world with a little help from Nightmare, Doctor Voodoo's brother, Daniel, is no longer a brother, having possessed Damon Hellstrom. All the mages in the world seem to have gone to Nightmare's side.
    Daniel must free his brother then the world from Nightmare's spell.

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    Issue: Uncanny X-Men #521
    Writer: Matt Fraction
    Artist: Greg Land; inked by Jay Leisten
    Date Published: April 2010
    Alpha Appearance: Madison Jeffries
    Period in Alpha Flight's history: Current at time of publication

    Following on from previous issues, the X-Men hunt down the remaining Predators and those who sicced the beasts upon them, but fail to enlist the aid of the governor of their state. (Oops, these are Predator Xs, not those Predators.)
    Meanwhile, Magneto meditates, making his nose bleed alliteration.

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